is the jobboard for procurement professionals in the UK and is part of the Dutch jobboard for
procurement vacancies, the first European jobboard for vacancies in procurement and purchasing.

Find Procurement Vacancies and Supply Chain Vacancies from (top) employers in the UK and usefull links to related vacancies
on other national and international jobboards. Further we have professional tools & information for procurement and supply chain
professionals, like: procurement and supply chain management literature you can buy online, an overview of procurement and
supply chain educations, an overview of recruitment agencies specialised in procurement and supply chain and other useful links.

Do you also want a career in procurement or supply chain or are you experienced and want to improve your knowledge ?
We make every three months a selection of the best procurement and supply chain literature and offer this online, where you can
buy them safely from our e-commerce partner:
Procurement & Supply Chain Management Literature is the only website offering procurement, purchasing and supply chain professionals
the advantage of finding all procurement vacancies in the UK with just One or Two Clicks !



The jobboard for all procurement vacancies in the UK
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